Blue Cross Blue Shield, We're Here

This was a fantastic shoot - thanks to Roger Sackett & Blue Cross Blue Shield. We used the new OSMO PRO X5R RAW handheld gimbal quite a few of the shots in this spot. It was fast, to set-up and use. I had the wireless focus and a number of lenses as well as ND & Pola filtration. We even added the Apple Lightning cable so that we could send a HDMI wireless feed feed via Teradeck Bolt 3000 to Director & Client monitors. . This little micro 4/3'ds 4K sensor help up well against Rogers Sony FS7 on my Cinevate Atlas 30 and Jib. Love how all the shots have movement and average 48 fps... adds to the feel of the spot! This is how a well planned, well produced, well auditioned, scouted spot comes together. The modified Segway - to allow me to easily grab the biking shots on the Stone Arch Bridge and the kids on the zip line were my favorites. The Segway and OSMO PRO RAW made grabbing these shots a breeze! Lets get these tools on your next gig!