Nutrena, Like Family

Love working on projects like this. Beautiful people, sceeens, sunrises, sunsets, talent, horses, farms... Shoot over 4 TB of footage for the clients on this one. RED Dragon 6K @ 24 fps, 29.97, 48, 60, 97 & 107 fps. Many shots off the sticks with the 30-105 Cine Zoom as well as many shots on the MovI Pro Gimbal in hand held/ring mode as well as on my ReadyRig/Segway setup. Even captured some stuning aerails with the new Inspire 2 and it's impressive Cinema DNG Micro 4/3rds camera. This amazing thing captures at frame rates from 24, 29.97, 48, 60 & 119 all in 4K CDNG! Thanks Joe for having me be a part of this awsome week! You killed so many increadable shots, we made a good team!