IDS, Force of the Future

Another excellent project with Dale @ Partnership Media! HMR provided DP services along with my RED Dragon, captruing at 6K. My Custom knee steering Segway, carring camera on my MoVI Pro Gimabal with the Sigma 15-35 Cine Zoom, RED Cinema Matte Box, Schneider ND and RedRock Micro's 3 motors for F.I.Z. (Focus, Iris & Zoom) Controled via Craig's awsome FreeFly Controller. We also used his Paralinx Arrow for client monitoring and his focus pulls. Aerails we captured on the amazing Inspire 2 with its X5S Micro 4/3rds Cinem camera, capturing Cinema DNG files in 5.2K. A few of the MRI shots were captured with my OSMO PRO RAW camera/Gimbal set up. Dale pulled it all togthedr with his script, motion graphics and tracking to add screen graphics on the iPad & iPhone. Also a big thanks to superstar Dag for helping out and being our on-camera talent once again (Solar Farm Scene).