Unique Footage - Unique Cars - Unique Crew

The team at Unique - has some amazing rides! They took some time to show off a few beauty's out on the back roads of Mankato... AND the team at True Facade Pictures lined up all the magic! Captured in 6K, on our RED Dragon Sensor. Stabilized Vehicle Tracking Shots, using our FlowCine BlackArm Complete, FreeFly Movi Pro Gimbal, FlowCine Vibration Isolation, FreeFly Wireless Controller for pan/tilt, focus/iris/zoom (FIZ), and all camera setting controls (ISO, shutter, frame rate, color temp, rec start/stop, etc). We captured most of this footage using our High Speed Cinema Zoom Lenses. The Sigma T2 50-100mm was used for the majority of the shots as well as the Sigma T2 18-35mm.