FlyingFox CableCam Quick Release - Gimbal/Camera System Example

This is our FlyingFox CableCam system. We set it up in a studio to show one of many ways to set portable, secure mounting points or ends. Many other secure mounting options are available. The Quick Release is a one of a kind mount designed and made by myself, Scott Hoffman & JR Thompson. It can let any camera gimbal handle slid in/out from the front or back with the safety clamp that lets gravity lock the gimbal from sliding out until released. The mount can be turned to the side as well. This way the camera gimbal can move forward, backward or to either side for the shot continuation. I have made a second mount that can be attached to any of our jibs/cranes for the same ease of Quick Release. We are excited to speak with you on how we can create a long shot, a oner or something stunning and interesting for your next film, doc, commercial or music video.