Olivia, an Olympian hopeful swims the 100m Breaststroke. She is fast! We had to push the HMR MOCO CAR to some faster speeds for this one. With a top end of over 20+ mph we had no problem. 24ft of track, next to the pool... Normally would take hours to set, level and be ready for a dolly. NOT in this case since the HMR MOCO CAR, combined with the FreeFly MoVI Pro Gimbal takes out the need for a level track or surface. We had the track, car, gimbal, camera and wireless feed set and ready to record in less than 30 minutes. Check out a few clips form in the camera, captured on our RED DRAGON 6K sensor @ 24fps & 86fps. Some shots were tracking in her same swim motion/direction. A few others were opposite to increase the feeling of her increadable speed.