ABOUT HOFFMAN MEDIA RANCH The who, what and why we do what we do

Hoffman Media Ranch creates moving images combined with compelling stories to grow your business, brand and service. Utilizing our 6K & 8K resolution RED Digital Cinema cameras. We serve clients locally, nationally & worldwide. Every assignment is customized to fit your need. Available anytime, anywhere - experienced in over 37 countries

We Create Motion

We specialize in moving the camera to create stunning moving images by utilizing our camera movement tools. {jibs, cranes, gimbals, drones, dollies, robotic} Bringing decades of knowledge and experience to your project. FreeFly MoVI Pro & XL gimbals, FlyingFox cablecam systems, FreeFly Tero RC car, FlowCine BlackArm, DJI Inspire 2 Drones, Segway knee steer unit and much more…

Specializing in moving the camera on:

  • Cranes, Jibs, Remote Pan & Tilt Heads
  • 3 Axis Hand Held Gimbal - MoVI Pro
  • OSMO Pro Small 4K Hand Held Gimbal
  • FlyingFox CableCam
  • FreFly Tero RC Car
  • FlowCine BlackArm
  • Segway Knee Control Motion System
  • Multirotor Aerial Systems with 6K & 8K cameras
  • Speciality quick release/attach mounts

More About HMR

Scott Hoffman

I have always been drawn to the visual arts. Painting, drawing, sculpting in my youth, lead my way to picking up our family 8mm movie camera. I fell in love with telling stories through this medium. My endless life pursuit has been to discover new ways to move the camera, it brings daily fulfillment & rewarding accomplishments, it really is my passion and life!

Scott Hoffman

OUR WORK Check out our recent projects and we're sure you'll immediately fall in love.

Taking Flight

Aerial 6K & 8K Res RAW Stabilized Imaging

Hoffman Media Ranch takes flight with the Inspire 2 Pro Quad & X7 CinemaDNG, ProResRAW 6K camera.

Whether it's flying over castles, seashores, farmlands, indoors or out - what once seemed impossible is now just a simple flight.

Stunning 6K RAW aerial footage and still images are now a reachable, reliable and a cost friendly option. 

Live HD feed to pilot and camera operator as well as clients to see the exact shot. New tracking features help lock down precision shots quickly.

We carry a variety of pristine prime lens focal lengths as well as ND and Polarizer filters are included.

Multiple monitoring devices, remote controllers, team radios, safety cones, vests, landing pads, etc.

We also have a full back up Quad on hand for every project. Insured. FAA 107 Licensed Pilots.

Aerial 6K & 8K Res RAW Stabilized Imaging

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BTS Regions Hospital, New Cancer Center Wing Opening

Down In The Dirt For Our Clients


Atlas Obscura + Clinton 12

Atlas Obscura + Graduate Nashville

Atlas Obscura + Rugby Colony

Atlas Obscura + Ozone Falls

HMR MOCO CAR & RED & MoVI Pro - Sapien Sample

Be The Match

FlyingFox CableCam Quick Release - Gimbal/Camera System Example

SEH - Denver Bridge Removal

SEH - Castle Rock Fire Station

Cargill Headquarters RAP with Anova Rejuvenator



Urban Wok. Fresh. Fast & Flavorful!

Rochester Motor Cars - Service

Rochester Motor Cars - Sales

Minneapolis Impressive Sky

6K RED Dragon,MoVI Pro Hand Held 3 Axis Gimbal

DUNGS Gas Systems

6K RED Dragon,Aerial 6K Resolution Stabilized Footage

Borton Volvo - Between the rain drops

6K RED Dragon,MoVI Pro Hand Held 3 Axis Gimbal

IDC Automatic Garage Doors

6K RED Dragon

Unique Footage - Unique Cars - Unique Crew

6K RED Dragon,MoVI Pro Hand Held 3 Axis Gimbal

Igor Ustimchuk, Aka: Figurz

6K RED Dragon



WCR ComeTogether National Conference

Ms. Elena Heindl, First Grade Teacher, Holy Trinity Catholic School

6K RED Dragon,Aerial 6K Resolution Stabilized Footage,MoVI Pro Hand Held 3 Axis Gimbal

Customer Traac

6K RED Dragon

Mrs. Kathy McCarthy, Grades 6-7-8 Teacher, Holy Trinity

6K RED Dragon,Aerial 6K Resolution Stabilized Footage,MoVI Pro Hand Held 3 Axis Gimbal

Spartan Strong!

6K RED Dragon,MoVI Pro Hand Held 3 Axis Gimbal

Kolar Hyundai

Aerial 6K Resolution Stabilized Footage

Tero RC Car - Borton Volvo MoVI Pro RED Dragon 6K

6K RED Dragon,MoVI Pro Hand Held 3 Axis Gimbal

Sample of our FlowCine BlackArm with MoVI Pro Gimbal, captured in UltraHD 6K @ 86fps, Borton Volvo

University of MN Alumni Association 2018

6K RED Dragon,MoVI Pro Hand Held 3 Axis Gimbal

SCS Legacy of Innovation

6K RED Dragon,Aerial 6K Resolution Stabilized Footage,MoVI Pro Hand Held 3 Axis Gimbal

Wicked Rags SockJock™ Intro

6K RED Dragon

Smith Foundry Company Safety Video

6K RED Dragon

FreeFly Tero RC Car & RED Dragon 6K res cam view

6K RED Dragon

BTS - Red Dragon - MoVI Pro

6K RED Dragon

MoVI Pro RED Dragon HyperLapse

BTS - Burnsville Honda

6K RED Dragon

Tero - in for SERVICE - NOT! LOL

6K RED Dragon

IDS, Force of the Future

6K RED Dragon

Tero RC Car Clip

Nutrena, Like Family

6K RED Dragon

Nutrena, Like Family 02

6K RED Dragon

iPhone 7+ Clip BTS

BCBSMN - Fearless By Nature (Northern)

6K RED Dragon

Borton Volvo TV Spot

6K RED Dragon

Borton Volvo TV Spot 02

6K RED Dragon

U of M Alumni Association 2017

6K RED Dragon

Sample of 59 fps on the Inspire 2 Aerial unit

Moving Day 2017, Alzheimers Foundation

6K RED Dragon

Holy Trinity Catholic School

6K RED Dragon

Mel, associate Of the Year (AOY)

6K RED Dragon

Taylor, Associate Of the Year (AOY)

6K RED Dragon


Conserves Corp - Oberg Family Farms

Blue Cross Blue Shield, We're Here

Thomson Reuters

Grinnell Mutual

Matthijs Van Meurs, Sales Manager Netherlands

Red Wing Leather Drums

Red Wing Public Schools Foundation

Gopher to Badger Half Marathon & 5K

Chocoholic Frolic - 5K - 10K - Kids K

Unleash The SHE

Welch Ski Resort

MN Skiing Winter Fun

Red Wing Shoes FlexForce Hikers

Kasey Haider, National Accounts

Red Wing Ignite Community Promotion Campaign

June Meeting Intro SkateBoard Video

Red Wing SuperSole

Explore MN Slopes

Flying Fox Cable Cam Pre-Show Test

Flying Fox Cable Cam at IMS Crystal Ball New Years Eve Event

Flying Fox Tree Line Outdoor Test

SCS Elevator Products

Nick Carlson, Senior Financial Analyst

Red Wing Shoes CRV Non-Waterproof

Red Wing Shoes InJex Boots

Flying Fox Cable Cam Go Pro 4+ view clip (IMS Crystal Ball 2015)

Red Wing Shoes - Athletics

Ronin Hand Held Gimbal Footage, Memorial Park, Red Wing

Flying Fox Clip 2015 IMS Crystal Ball

Gaal Levine, Womens Heritage Desinger Developer

Custom One Homes Autumn Ridge

Irish Setter Marshall Square Toe

Red Hot Hack

Olympic Dreams Hockey


Scentblocker Apex

Scentblocker First Touch

Scentblocker Full Draw

ScentBlocker Trinity Blast

ScentBlocker Release

ScentBlocker Knife

ScentBlocker Matrix

Scentblocker Trinity 1.5

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